MOOCs have attracted a lot of attention in educational and planning circuits, since they have the potential to deliver quality without exclusivity.  But we need a powerful platform to deliver a MOOC.  Projects like openedX have put out very good platforms, but have one major drawback – complexity. They are complex to host and manage, complex to change and adapt to local needs and also expect highinternet-maturity from the end-user.

At IIT Kanpur we have been looking at MOOCs since 2012, and having delivered two MOOCs using Sakai, we felt the need for a ‘modern’ MOOC management system which address all the above needs. mooKIT is the result.
mooKIT is a lightweight MOOC Management System conceived, designed and developed at IIT Kanpur with the following principles:

  • Content first, platform next - intuitive and easy to use
  • Course creation and navigation should besimple
  • Highly customizableto multitude of users
  • Multi-platform (supports mobiles, tablets, etc.)
  • Efficient with server resources (should not cost a lot to run)
  • Integrated with a Telephone  exchange
  • Completely built on open source platforms